Safe, Distant and Effective.

The new work paradigm and some tools for starters. 

Safe, Distant and Effective. These are probably the three words that will form soon the new imperative about work and possibly beyond that point. People wearing masks, working remotely or avoiding touching each other or even things they touched is frequently observed now. Had to elbow greet a few of my colleagues this morning. We all laughed at each other for adopting the new style. Behind the smiles though you could tell that a collective conscious was developing around a common set of accepted principles affecting us; we could still work together as far as we stayed safe and effective as before. 

Remotely and productive I had to be along with safe so the available solutions providing those benefits were soon to turn from optional to mandatory.  Being a remote worker for some time now I came across certain tools of the trade that did the trick for me and are expected to become daily standards as the coronavirus spreads and organizations look for solutions that will keep the running and protect health of their personnel on the same time. I would like to share them with you as I think they can do the trick for you as they do for me. 

I believe it is worth to have a good look at them and start getting acquainted. Most of them have free versions but given the rising demand I wouldn’t count on that and maybe is worth paying some money as to get the real deal. Due to a large number of similar or not so similar alternatives, I mention the ones that I personally recommend as my favorites although other choices might work better for you depending on the region you are and the specific requirements that you have but this is up to you to decide so there… Here is my choice and I wish you all to stay Safe and Effective (and not Distant for too long). 

Team Collaboration 

Google Docs 

Creating content is a daunting task as you should send back and forth drafts with google Docs a team can work on the same document at the same time track changes. You can make comments or even chat with your co-workers as you were in the same room.   


Trello is a great tool so to keep all the content, schedule, files or connect your cards with apps you use like for example google docs. It works as an advance Kanban board for teams. 

File sharing and Access 

Google Drive 

Google Drive make it easier to share files and also edit then on the same platform. It works great with Gmail. 


OneDrive comes with windows, the most famous operative system and also you can edit files in the same platform 

Contactless Business Card 


ScreenTag is easy to use, looks like a real business card you can have it along with you on your mobile and is so advanced that can be connected with your CRM. Once you tried you can’t leave without it. It is touchless and paperless so you keep your hands and your wallet clean.  


With Evaunt you can create multiple business cards yet it looks more than app and less than a business card. 



You can easily and safely get payments from everywhere in the world, you can use it also from your mobile. 


VivaWallet is very commonly used in Greece and you can find many stores or even cafes that has vivawallet POS 



Very stable, because it counts many years in the markets the majority of users has an account on skype. 

Microsoft Teams 

Because you can use with along with Microsoft apps and has some features build for teams it is great for teams. 



Scan easily document and convert them to pdfs with your mobile 

Office mobile app 

It is very new on and it has build in option to scan a document or a board and use it easily with Onedrive or Microsoft Office apps 

Meeting Scheduling 

You can add it easily in  Gmail send to a meeting participators and without having to move to an other page they can check a slot.   


When I have to arrange a meeting in fb chat, teams or skype I can share a doodle url. 

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  1. It’s a brave new world out there and most of the developments in the work-place and processes are yet to be seen. Thanks for selecting as a tool to meet for distant processes. We also think that is a great tool for the job.

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