6 lesson a StartUp can learn from Sailing

Being in the startup scene since 2011, as a member of a StartUp team and then by co-founded GoZone I can say that running a StartUp is like sailing.

I am using that analogy because it is the most relevant metaphor I can use to describe a StartUp venture and of course because GoZone relates to sailing, by disrupting the way sailing is learned and that metaphor is more familiar to me.

So let’s see the 6 lessons a StartUp can learn from sailing:

  1. No one can survive being in a storm without having set a strategy, processes, and clear values.
  2. A good team needs a leader to inspire and guide them by giving the vision of the long run.
  3. The mentality of the team is a determinant factor for success.
  4. Thinking out of the box is a must so to overcome the luck of the resources in a turbulent environment.
  5. Team members should insist on following good tactics and adjust tactics or processes that didn’t work in the past.
  6. Resources, time and money should be allocated accordingly, so to save powers.

For those who have done sailing and had the experience of having successfully passed from a storm, it’s the most exhilarating feeling you may experience, like succeeding in your venture.

Full sheets and a rolling sea !

Looking forward to hearing your stories!

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